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Getting Started!

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Congrats! You’ve taken the first step in getting into the best shape of your life!  The one question I’m sure you may be asking yourself is…”Where do I actually start? Should I look up workouts to do off YouTube? Do I go out and buy a book on how to diet? Maybe I should buy sessions at a gym? I really have no idea where I should start…”

This is very common for EVERYONE just starting out in fitness, especially if you’ve never even step foot into a gym before. There is a real fear attached to the idea of walking into a fitness facility and making a fool of yourself. The truth is, most people in a gym have NO CLUE what they’re doing. I would say a good 1 out of every 4 people in a gym are lifting with poor form, lifting weight that is too heavy or too light, or working muscle groups that don’t compliment each other during a training session.

Lucky for you, I've provided an action plan to give you the guidance needed to keep you safe while also keeping you moving in the right direction towards your dream body.

Here are a couple of steps to help get the ball rolling!


Before you make any purchases on memberships, hire a personal trainer, or even go to the grocery store to buy your healthy food (WHICH IS MOST IMPORTANT), look at your current schedule and plan out the time frames when you can make it to the gym, prepare food for the week, and find time to destress. Most of us feel as though we have very little time for even 1 of these things, but everyone has the same 24 hours in a day. Mapping out your entire week ahead of time gives you no excuse to not go through with your fitness routine. Make it a priority!


This includes gym membership, healthy groceries, workout clothes you feel comfortable in, anything to help support injuries or orthopedic issues, and whatever else you may need to make sure you’re successful. Hire a personal trainer or join a local bootcamp or fitness studio with total body workouts included. Be sure to find that guidance and instruction to avoid getting yourself hurt. Once you have everything you need the next step is very important…


Accountability is key! I recommend communicating that you are starting a fitness program to at least 3 people you know, love, and trust. They will be your unsung cheerleaders. Find people who will support you and give you positive reinforcement when things begin to get challenging. Not to mention you won’t want to let them down! If you do not have anyone that supports you, log on to social media and follow a few fan pages of some top trainers or fitness icons. At the very least you will be following someone that will be motivating you!

Step 4: DO THE WORK!

Results only come to those who sweat! And by sweat I mean push your body to it’s limits! And then past those limits! Becoming fit and healthy is hard work I’m not going to lie, which is why we look up to those who have developed physiques. Good thing is, you’ve already mapped out the time to workout, prepare your food, get rest, etc. If you have a personal trainer working with you, do everything he/she says and focus on pushing yourself through every repetition, set, and session.


Be sure to take before and after pictures, keep a food log or use another method to track what you are eating throughout the day, and be sure to write down any achievements you accomplish through your workouts (Ex. 1 rep max on bench press, 10 rep max for squats, etc.). These will all help you to keep improving rather than staying stagnant and hitting plateaus. Let seeing your changes motivate you!

In the end, starting is always the most challenging and uncomfortable part. Remember you are doing this for yourself, no one else can get the results for you. Be sure to always seek guidance when you need it. There’s a lot to learn on this journey but remember that everyone had to start somewhere and taking that first step is better than nothing!

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